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Oceanview Towers | Lagos


Project Brief

With the wealth of expatriates and foreign investors attracted to the economic possibilities Lagos offers as a major financial centre in Africa, it becomes more glaring the deficiencies in the housing opportunities available to this class of people. This presented an opportunity waiting to be harnessed. Trojan Estate sought to address this challenge by commissioning Micdee to provide a viable solution in the form of a luxurious high rise apartment building that would cater to these individuals.


  • Computer Generated Imagery
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design


  • Tobi Oyelola

Cascading Terraces

In a bid to create a visual perception and unique perspective for users and onlookers alike, the building’s terraces are cascaded across it’s facade. This way, a hierarchy is formed as one rises through the floors and this is also evident in the floor square areas and sizes of terraces. This showcases a hierarchy of importance as the residents on the higher floors are afforded more room area and generous views of the Lagos lagoon.

Affording Unique Interior Options

Owing to the diverse cultures of the potential residents of the towers, a variety of interior design layouts were proposed. This would afford the users the ability to make choices based on their preferences, likes and/or backgrounds. Alongside these offerings, the residents are also provided with communal amenities like a gym, indoor pool and a rooftop sit out that can also be utilised for events.

Project Information

Category: Architecture, Interior Design, Computer Generated Imagery

Micdee Team: Michael Awonowo Tobi Oyelola, Dolapo Fadipe, Olaitan Omoya

Area: 4225 sqm

Project Year: 2018

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