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mPharma Office | Lagos


Project Brief

mPharma, an African-based pharmaceutical startup partnered with Micdee to create an office that will inspire her people and enable them work more efficiently. Working with a company like mPharma and helping them push towards their goal of an Africa in good health ties into our goal of designing the Future of Work in Africa; a cause that we are wholly committed to.


  • Design
  • Construction


  • Ayotola Daini

Our Approach

mPharma wanted an office that would inspire their staff to do great work, and as a practice, our interior designers try to ensure that the solutions we provide are project-specific. We analyzed their brand thoroughly and outlined keywords and values that resonated with them; words like Good Health, People, Collaboration and Identity formed the premise upon which our design language was built. One of the things we set out to do was to ensure that the office would be a thrilling and enjoyable space for their team and we achieved this by breaking the office into 4 different zones: Focus work areas, Collaboration spaces, Socialization spaces and Learning spaces. This was to enable them to achieve a work-life balance.

An Africa in good health

Good health is synonymous with nature. Biophilic design studies show that contact with nature in the workplace, no matter how small, can have notable effects on employee happiness and productivity. In light of this, our interior designers incorporated nature in the mPharma office to improve morale, health and efficiency.

Project Information

Category: Strategy, Design, Construction

Micdee Team: Ayotola Daini, Mayowa Olomo, Idorenyin Affia, Kolawole Shomade, Michael Awonowo

Project Year: 2020

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