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Helbon Residence


Project Brief

Invited to participate in a competition, we were required to come up with designs for a small residential development for some staff of KPMG. With only two weeks to come up with a winning proposal, Micdee was tasked with providing accommodation with ample room for six persons on a 37m by 18m area of land.


  • Architecture


  • Ifeolu Ibinayo

Sustainable Living

The team quickly highlighted the necessities in a project like this that had to be considered; sustainability, cost, ease of construction and adequately sized spaces. These considerations guided our approach. We broke down the requirements into two typologies; terrace apartments and a block of flats emphasising on the uniqueness of both typologies as well as the similarities that resonate between them. Considering cost, the specification of finishes was very important, only easily accessible finishes were considered; plaster, wood and some aluminium cladding.

Project Information

Category: Architecture

Micdee Team: Ifeolu Ibinayo, Michael Awonowo

Area: 683 sqm

Project Year: 2016

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