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Eyowo Head Office | Lagos


Project Brief

Eyowo invited Micdee to propose and implement a quick and short term office interior design proposal aimed at surprising and uplifting the staff. The intention of the client was to complete the renovation within just four (4) days and commissioned Micdee to oversee the transformation.


  • Brand Environment Design
  • Design and Build


  • Michael Awonowo


A key proponent our interior designers applied to achieve the project goals in a short time was to repurpose existing components in the building. The renovation focuses on the restoration of existing furniture and accessory pieces and upgrades to the office's interior finishes and lighting. The finished nature of the interior design is rustic; invoking a warm feeling with the use of wood within a minimalist workspace. All these come together to create an inspiring and uplifting work environment that ultimately exceeded the client's expectations.

Project Information

Category: Brand Environment Design

Micdee Team: Michael Awonowo, Oladapo Mustapha, Anthonia Joseph

Project Year: 2019

Status: Completed

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