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Enyata Head Office | Lagos


Project Brief

Enyata, a tech startup in Lagos, Nigeria partnered with Micdee Designs to create an office design to meet its fast-growing team. This opportunity afforded Micdee Designs an avenue to define Enyata's workplace culture.


  • Design and Build
  • Brand Environment Design


  • Mayowa Semire

Our Approach

To seamlessly blend the needs of clients and the team, proper zoning of spaces was necessary, this culminated in the interior designers at Micdee creating an office layout that is highly functional and serves as an inspiring space for the creative processes of the client's growing team. More formal spaces like the conference room and open office were pushed to 'front of house'; to portray a sense of competence and excellence. We situated the more collaborative sections of the office design like the town hall and lounge in corners and towards the rear of the office.

Fostering Collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork are an essential component of carrying out work tasks effectively. To help facilitate this within our scope, our interior designers adopted an open plan layout with workstations and meeting corners to allow for easy communication and idea-sharing. From prehistoric cave paintings to the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, murals have been a visual storytelling medium since the beginning of time. This informed our decision to adorn a number of walls with some of the client's influences and images that speak to what Enyata represents.

Project Information

Category: Strategy and Consulting, Construction, Products

Micdee Team: Mayowa Semire, Ido Affia, Kolawole Shomade, Michael Awonowo, Tola Daini

Project Year: 2020

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