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Country Home E31 | Nigeria


Project Brief

There was the desire to escape the noise, traffic and pollution associated with the Lagos, Nigeria city life. To have a home for relaxation that would be serene and uplifting, a design was required for a private vacation/relaxation residence. The building was expected to allow the occupants enjoy nature along with large interior spaces and a relaxing atmosphere.


  • Computer Generated Imagery
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design


  • Michael Awonowo

Modernism & Nature

The concept for the interior design was to “think relax” for a small family. To feature large spaces, clean straight lines in building detail and to use the psychology of colours to create a relaxing environment. In addition to this is to allow the indoor to blend with the serene outdoor environment seamlessly.

Therapeutic design

In the creation of the serene environment, we made use of nature’s most relaxing elements in the compound. Pools of calm water bodies, lawns and trees providing ample shade. The building itself was opened up with large windows to allows maximum daylighting and unhindered view of the lush environment. Following the psychology of colours, we made use of cool pastel shades on walls that further calmed the large uncluttered spaces it enclosed. Doors led to terraces that allowed an outdoor experience of the relaxing surrounding around.

Project Information

Category: Architecture, Interior Design, Computer Generated

Micdee Team: Michael Awonowo, Anthonia Joseph

Area: 384 sqm

Project Year: 2018

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