Micdee Designs — Stretching the boundaries of how people live, work and play.

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Empowering Africans, /n Building brands

“The force of design is not expressed in the form of the materials that make up the design but is expressed in the lives that are shaped through it.”

Enhancing every aspect of the living experience.

We’re shaping the way we live and work in our society. Our tenets of expertise align with our vision of how people should live- each with their individual missions but guided by a singular vision.

What we do

Our work is directed at creating functional environments that shape people’s lives. It is defined by more than just recognition. A proof that good design not only make our community more pleasing to the eye but also renders it smarter, more efficient and inspiring.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Products
  • Construction
  • Advertising
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Creating solutions that enhance the living experience

We're shaping the way we live, move, learn, and heal in modern cities. Micdee’s pillars of expertise align with how people experience their own communities.

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See how we’re stretching the boundaries of how people live, work and play.

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